The international community specializing in the integration

of products using Blockchain technologies for business and the public


We are actively exploring the markets of crypto-currencies, interacting with progressive global development companies, studying the current trends of the using of Bitcoin in the financial sector, participating in investment projects.


Our goal is to become your reliable partners in emerging markets Crypto-currency, making you and your organization a full participant in the cross-border exchange of funds, information and technology. We have a set of products created to optimize the work of organizations of different forms of ownership and activities.

Blockchain Community


Representatives of the Blockchain Community are constantly working to increase the literacy of the population in the field of crypto-currency and crypto-economy in general. We recommend the most secure ways of acquiring, storing and transferring Bitcoin, placing information only about safe investment projects in which we participate with personal capital and bear risks together with all participants.

We are talking about new financial instruments and markets, access to which they give. The company's specialists propose to conduct a deep analysis of the organization's work and provide the necessary solution consisting of a package of technological products and a set of measures for their high-quality integration. Performance indicators depend on each case, but a positive shift will be observed immediately with the application of our technological solutions.

For all those who wish to become an independent participant of the crypto-currency market, developers and partners of the community - is assisted in the implementation of our technological products. There is comprehensive partner support. More about the products of the company




  1. Elaboration of the specifics of the enterprise (preparation of the image of the company) Technical task for promo materials
  2. Analysis of current technical means for solving the problem in the implementation of ICO
  3. Technical training for ICO (tokens, payment acceptance, distribution of funds). Selection of key contractors and partners.
  4. Compiling a multilingual site with all the models worked out
  5. Development of the image of the first persons in the project.
  6. Development of a combined ICO strategy.

ICO for companies and startups

Conducting the ICO.

  1. Preparation of promo
  2. Drawing up a communication plan.
  3. Work with the first persons
  4. Selection of opinion leaders
  5. Writing releases
  6. Compilation of the list of specialized media.
  7. Initiate publications
  8. Organization of the conference
  9. Drawing up of the list of advertising resources.


ICO (Initial Coin Offering) - technology of raising capital, which working on the principle of crowdsale and based on the blockchain infrastructure. The technology revolutionized the financial and capital markets.

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How to raise funds for developing your own business quickly, efficiently and without losing control over the management? By choosing ICO.

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PR and project's marketing

  1. Building an image of a company

  2. Drawing up a marketing and promotion strategy

  3. Working with Target Audiences

  4. Promotion in partner projects Blockchain Community

  5. Work with the media. Initiation of publications, preparation of press releases.

  6. Organization of events, conferences, meetings, international meet up.

  7. Work in social networks and internet marketing.

  8. Subscribe to various affiliate programs.



KPI performance:

  1. Internet monitoring of the company for all references in RuNet and foreign resources

  2. Involvement, The amount of organic and other.

  3. Indicators of selling your company's tokens through our resources.



We will prepare a legal model, for your company, in accordance with the requirements of all international regulators. We will prepare a legal model, for your company, in accordance with the requirements of all international regulators.

Comprehensive consulting

Legal support of operations with crypto assets



Crypto-currency exchange operations.

The Blockchain Community has corporate accounts on the world's leading crypto-exchange exchanges. In the shortest time, the specialist will work through your application and offer the most profitable exchange rate.



Bitcoin banking

(For non-banking organizations)

Acceptance and transfer of payments in crypto-currencies for organizations, trading platforms, online stores. The turnover of the Crypto currency is increasing every day, and the number of people using Bitcoin and its counterparts to pay for goods and services around the world is also increasing.

A new type of client is being formed, preferring to use crypto technologies to optimize its own budget, saving up to 17-20%. Granting the possibility of paying for clients in the crypto-currencies, the company increases sales volumes, enters the international markets of goods and services, trades without intermediaries with the whole world. The technology of blockchain and Bitcoin are new trends and excellent PR. Companies that use such technologies in their work attract the attention of the media and cause increased interest among participants in the fast-growing world crypto-economy. Blockchain Community is an active participant in the changing global world economy. By setting up the internal processes of the company with the use of Blockchain technology and integration into the Bitcoin economy, one can become a competitor of the funds of funds specializing in investments in crypto-currency projects.



Crowd wrapping projects

Complex support of companies and start-ups at the stage of attracting investments. During four years of applying cryptotechnologies in finance, a pool of venture capital funds has been formed, as well as specialized communities that specialize in supporting projects using crypto-currencies. Blockchain technologies and sales departments built on such platforms make the company's work predictable and understandable for the future investor. Entries in Blockchain can not be faked, and the analyst of the company's work is checked by interested parties in 20 minutes, this gives confidence in making an investment decision. We are talking about investment markets using crypto currency, instead of traditional finance, attractive for the investor due to the absence of intermediaries in the form of credit organizations and classic banks. Blockchain Community has a set of solutions that will optimize internal processes and change each specific company to the requirements of such communities and individual investors, in which case Blockchain Community guarantees the attraction of funds.



Protection of producers

from forgery of their goods

We live in a world of fakes, and for manufacturers of exclusive products, digital or physical goods, there are constant risks of losing customer loyalty due to the purchase of a fake. Invest in brand advertising and value customers, Blockchain Community will help protect the brand and products from speculation by dishonest market participants. Each item of the product creates a digital passport, recorded in a blockchain by the manufacturer, and is resistant to counterfeiting by third parties. Clear and simple services have been developed to identify the product from the development or production stage, to implementation. Communicate and interact with customers not from the "just look at advertising and trust" position, but confirm it with the available technologies along with blockchain technologies Blockchain Community.



Blockchain is on protect to investors

Smart contract or internal agreement on the distribution of funds coming from the economic or other activities of the entity, with the recording of the main stages and nodes using blockchain technology. Such platforms are designed for the interaction of people who, in principle, do not trust each other. Consider the prospect of investing in a start-up, or entrust resources to the development of the existing business, blockchain will be on to protect the interests of capital.

Building an internal control system and monitoring sales with a record in the blockchain, eliminates the misuse of funds, as well as the likelihood of manipulation in the distribution of profits.



Investing in crypto assets

Hedging instruments

Trading with advanced automatic trading platform EXANTE



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Contractors and partners of the community are located in several world regions and represent an expert network

Alexander Romanov

Chairman of the Blockchain Community

Mikhail Sennikov


Expert in the interdepartmental working group on the assessment of the risks of turnover of crypto-currency at the State Duma of the Russian Federation. PR-specialist, graduate of MSIIR on the topic of promotion of projects using blockchain technology.

Financier, executive director of the Swiss management company, employee and top manager of a number of European investment companies, vice president of the international charitable foundation.


Moscow, 8th Andropov Ave., flour 6, office 39



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